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Rio Lobo (Western Movie, John Wayne, English, War Adventure, Full Film, Free Cowboy Movie)

Published on 24 Nov 2019 / In Film & Animation

Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English: Rio Lobo (1970), 1h 54min, Adventure, Romance, War. Rio Lobo is a 1970 American Western film starring John Wayne. The film was the last film directed by Howard Hawks, from a script by Leigh Brackett. The film was shot in Technicolor with a running time of 114 minutes. The musical score was composed by Jerry Goldsmith and the movie was filmed at Cuernavaca in the Mexican state of Morelos and at Tucson, Arizona.

It was the third Howard Hawks film varying the idea of a sheriff defending his office against belligerent outlaw elements in the town, after Rio Bravo (1959) and El Dorado (1966), both also starring John Wayne.

Director: Howard Hawks
Writers: Burton Wohl (screenplay), Leigh Brackett (screenplay)
Stars: John Wayne, Jorge Rivero, Jennifer O'Neill

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PLOT (Wikipedia): During the final days of the American Civil War, Col. Cord McNally, has left his close friend, Lt. Ned Forsythe, in charge of the troops on a Union army payroll train. However, Confederates led by Capt. Pierre Cordona and Sgt. Tuscarora Phillips hijack the train. Their scheme uses a very elaborate plan which suggests that the Confederates must have gotten detailed inside information about the transport.

During the robbery, Forsythe is fatally injured, and McNally personally takes up the pursuit. His squad is spread thinner and thinner, until McNally is left on his own, and Cordona and his men capture him. McNally tricks them by leading them into a Union camp and raising the alarm, and as the Confederates flee, he overpowers Cordona and Tuscarora. He questions the pair about the identity of the traitor who sold them the information about the train, but they give him no information and are imprisoned.

Despite this development, the three men gain a deep mutual respect for each other, and after the war ends, McNally visits Cordona and Phillips as they are being released. He asks them once more about the traitors, but unfortunately they don't know the traitors' names and can only provide physical descriptions. McNally then tells Cordona and Tuscarora that if they should ever come across these men again, to contact him through a friend of his, Pat Cronin, who is the sheriff of Blackthorne in Texas. Tuscarora is on his way to Rio Lobo, Texas where he grew up.

Some time later, McNally is contacted by Pat on instructions from Cordona, who is staying at the local hotel. When he arrives in Blackthorne, he meets a young woman, Shasta Delaney, an assistant to a medicine showman, who is wishing to report the murder of her employer that was committed by a deputy of Rio Lobo's sheriff, "Blue Tom" Hendricks. Cronin explains that he cannot intervene because Rio Lobo is outside his jurisdiction; and shortly afterwards a posse from Rio Lobo arrives and wants to take Delaney away. Delaney identifies their leader, "Whitey" Carter, as the murderer she was referring to. When one of the posse aims a gun at Cronin, Delaney shoots Whitey from under the table, resulting in a shoot-out in which McNally, Cronin and Cordona finish off the posse.

Cordona, who identifies Whitey as one of the traitors McNally is looking for, tells him that Tuscarora had contacted him and told him that Phillips' father, and other ranchers from Rio Lobo are being bullied by a man named Ketcham, who installed Hendricks as his sheriff after he killed the previous incumbent. McNally, Cordona, and Delaney go to Rio Lobo, where they find the people living in terror of Hendricks and his men. Hendricks has Tuscarora arrested on trumped-up charges, so McNally's group goes to get help from Tuscarora's father, Old Man Philips. McNally, Cordona, and Philips sneak into Ketcham's ranch in order to take him as a hostage, and McNally discovers that Ketcham is really Union Sergeant Major Ike Gorman, the second traitor he was searching for.


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