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Rescued Koalas from Australia's Bushfires Devastation | Heartbreaking and Heartwarming

Uneek Beebe
Uneek Beebe
16 Jan 2020

Rescued Kaolas from Australia's Bushfires Devastation | Heartbreaking and Heartwarming

Koalas are slow moving so can't get out of harm's way quickly enough. Kaola babies wait in burning trees, crying for their mothers. Not all kaola are lucky in the Australian bushfire. Some of them were rescued by Rescue Teams, Firefighters. Few lucky ones to catch a sudden rain to help it avoid the bushfire and get water to drink.
When they are rescued from the bushfire. All her paws were burnt. The koalas, who have burns on their paws, need treatment with burn cream before being wrapped in bandages. Once the bandages are on, cotton mittens are used to protect them.
Houdini was lucky to survive after his most recent stunt failed dismally. He was showing off to girls in a Burnside park when woops! He fell from great height up a tree onto the ground. He was dazed but had managed to wobble his way up a smaller tree when Koala Rescue arrived. He’s been checked out at the vet and x-rayed. Lucky for him it was just a case of bruised ego and feeling a bit sore for a few days.

If you want to help them, please donate directly to Koala Hospital (not us):

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