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"We're Going To War, Bro" - "Calm down and Trust the Plan" - QAnon

Exposing Corruption
Exposing Corruption
08 Jan 2020

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Iran Shot Down Plane, But it was Trump's Fault? - QAnon - Lori Colley:


DAHBOO777 needs to Trust the PLAN - Going to WAR WHERE? ON WHO? God I hope WE KNOW WHO!

We’re going to war, bro” — declared a young US soldier from the US Army's celebrated 82nd Airborne Division. He gave reporters a confident two thumbs up as his unit moved out on its largest “fast deployment” in a decade at a moment Iran has promised to inflict a "historic nightmare" on the US in retaliation for the killing of Qasem Soleimani.

Reuters provided a detailed account of the uneasy yet somewhat jovial calm before the storm atmosphere that prevailed on the airport tarmac at Fort Bragg, North Carolina as 600 soldiers and many hundreds more support crew flew out.

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Ukrainian Passenger Plane Carrying Crashes Near Tehran - "7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills:

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theTrayne 12 days ago

Was it really iran, or the deeep state IN iran?? hmmm..... Remember, the UNITED NATIONS just staged a false gas attack not long ago and got caught(again). Deeep state wants a war supa bad. Anywhere. Remember that please. Better safe than sorry tho. Be prepared!!! A good motto to follow.

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