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"Lucky" the PARROT meets "Venus" the DOLPHIN! In British Virgin Islands, Caribb

01 Jun 2020

CREDIT: Captain Rick Moore

Yes, today was quite a day, some of you already know that July 24th was my birthday and we decided to do something completely different... went to swim with the dolphins and took "Lucky" our African Grey Parrot along with us and she got to meet "Venus" the Dolphin at Dolphin Discovery in Tortola, British Virgin Islands!Was a great day, and first time I'd ever heard of a parrot meeting a dolphin, and "Lucky" seemed to enjoy it! Afterwards we went to wind down at Myett's Beach Bar in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, had some beers and wings which "Lucky" thoroughly enjoyed.. watched the sunset and then returned to the boat for an evening of music with 'Lucky" practicing her 'sing-along' style! LolHope you guys had as great a day, but leave a comment and let us know how your day was, would love to hear from you! :)More info on Dolphin Discovery at:http://www.DolphinDiscovery.comVideo Produced by http://www.LandAndSeaVideo.comARL Logo Animation Produced by http://www.SomethingGames.comMore Videos at http://www.AmbientRealLife.comcaribbean, dolphin, venus, lucky parrot, african grey parrot, steve jobs yacht, sailing, st maarten, sxm, british virgin islands, bvi, tourism, real estate, property, travel, sailors, ambient real life.

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