"Abba" - a Spontaneous Worship Moment (Song by Jonathan David Helser)

03 Jan 2020

There is a heavenly Father who is REAL, realer than we have ever been led to think! The heart revelation that I had of this reality has sunk SO deep in my heart, and this worship moment is just a cry out to my heavenly Dad, our heavenly Dad, who just loves when we run back home to Him, to His arms, into His love, where we belong! He has been waiting so patiently for us, He has been so gracious, and even though I thought He would dislike the mess that I had become, He actually loved me so so much the whole time and wanted me to come home!

I pray that this generation is a generation that finds home, home in the Father's heart! I pray that this generation will look up to the heaven's and be filled with the joy that comes from knowing Daddy is watching over them, Daddy loves them and cares so deeply for them! I pray this generation, will know this so deep in their heart, that Father God is relentless for them, so patient and so gracious and merciful, that nothing we can do can separate us from His love. I pray that this generation would know that so so deep that it spills into every generation, our homes, our familys and loved ones, our kids, their kids, our grandchildren, EVERYONE. I see families coming alive with this revelation! God show us your glory!

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