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Brian Mast Adds Perspective
Sec Pompeo Silicon Valley Address
VP Pence Swearing In
POTUS/China Trade Deal

FBI Agent Pientkas Folly
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The first of three US/China Trade Deal tranches are delivered and signed today at the White House, as the House of Representatives Democrats cover one of the key witnesses under the cloak of immunity, Liddle Adam Schiff. Showing an 10-High in the first deal, the Deep State doubles down - trying to wrest the Nation's Narrative with bogus Impeachment bluffs. Selectively leaked to the Press just in time for the morning's Trade Deal Signing Ceremony, the House's Liddle Adam leaked a non-sequitr hand-written note, written between President Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani and one of his hired investigators.

Long bereft of the Rule of Law, Demon vultures and RINO accomplices try to close their trap without success - as it is perfectly legal for an Accused person's attorney to investigate obvious corruption, money-laundering and murder - even when the suspect is the son of a sexually aggressive flasher and apparent child hair-sniffing pervert who coincidentally was once a Vice President of these United States. Despite a 2014 Secret Service expose which revealed Mr. Biden's skinny-dipping predilections - the Leftist Press doggedly pursue POTUS - as if unproved "accusations" equate to Leftist Revolution.

During the US/China Trade Deal Signing Ceremony, POTUS reveals the implications of his Trump Card - exposing Liddle Adam Schiff's Treason (BDT/Fireworks) - and even gives the timing of the revelation! After this melodrama concludes, we consider FBI Special Agent Pientka's Folly and continue with our Club-K Entanglement expose. This Episode is one for the record books!

God Bless!

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