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[Q News] Act of 1871 (United States V. United States of America), US v. USA, Why Federal Reserve?

Q News Corner
Q News Corner
22 May 2020

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JNear 13 days ago

Young man. I learned some more information. It filled some blanks. Thank You.

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theTrayne 14 days ago

good one. Look up Russel J. Gould, savior of America. This "corporation" was dissolved in 1999. The deeep state does not want to let go, and try to continue to function as a "bankers trust" corporation. The media and all the "appointed" people in place are who TRUMP is trying to drain. THAT is what this is all about,really. Look up russel J. Gould, and you will know what i mean. Also, check this out bro, the vid explains it pretty well......

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