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Psychic Utsava:The Awakening-How to get out of the alien Matrix Control system

31 May 2019

Utsava is famous for her accurate psychic predictions about financial markets and politics. Utsava is genuine, an animal lover, a vegetarian, an environmentalist, an activist who has helped many people world wide with personal problems. She also was an activist in Europe and early on in her chose the filed of service for people. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals and became a whistle blower when patients were abused. The articles made headline news in newspapers. She has been rescuing animals all her life, became a vegetarian when she was 12 years old and chose to be of service for others early on. She has a loyal clientele and has had an excellent reputation for a long time due to her accurate predictions and readings. Utsava stays away from inflated New Age ego concepts, but stays grounded in her predictions and readings where she receives information from a very high and pure dimension.

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Please check out my 2018 predictions and see for yourself all of the predictions that came true:


Psychic predictions should have approx. a 80% accuracy rate of concrete, detailed predictions. I have spent years in mystery schools, in an Ashram in India, I have professional training in the field of metaphysics, Healing, Readings, nursing, herbal therapy, nutrition and nursing. With extensive work and experience.

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