Proof! Fusca Is JFK Jr! Find out what Fusca writes at Trump Rally and you'll believe JFKJr is a

10 Dec 2019

Latest Q Proof Decode Drop****** **** CBK Admits All on Camera!!

NEW VIDEO ****** ******

***  MUST WATCH my latest Video Q Proof JFK Jr. is Alive!!   ***

Watch the original video here, it's a bit lower resolution but has more 
slow motion tracing 

While studying what Fusca writes, I unlock the mystery & find proof that indeed it is JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bassette at the Trump Rally in Youngstown Ohio. This Video Proves Vincent Fusca is JFK Jr! Carolyn says it herself in the video- prepare to believe JFK Jr. is alive!! Amazing!

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This video launches my Q Proof series- JFK Jr. is Vincent Fusca, more videos coming soon!

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