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Professor Horatio F. Melonhead - What does the "Q" stand for? JFK Jr. / Vincent Fusca / Pr

15 May 2019

What Does "Q" / Qanon stand for? Look here, look there...

* The views, opinions, accounts and depictions expressed in this video are pure speculation, nothing more, nothing less.

Please do not read into the - timing or dates, pictures, events portrayed.
Our perceived thoughts are just that...You may have a different point of view and thats ok!

Please Note:
No one is trying to "mislead you"...Do your own research, study, pick everything apart, listen to others opinions, ask the hard questions, test all things and don't believe anything until you VERIFY!

Everything has a purpose, many meanings, clues, bread crumbs, drops. Ask yourself this question..."when does it become mathematically impossible for coincidences to keep happening before you know they are not coincidences and are now TRUTH?

Clips from:

Sesame Street / PBS

Army / Navy Football 2018 "Go Q" Commercial

Larry King CNN / John Kennedy Junior, Interview

Abbott & Costello TV Series Patty / Chris Costello

The United States Marine Corp Christmas December 2018
Twitter Infomercial

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