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Prideophile Pedovore Pope Pops Peaceful Parishioner post perusing potential Pizza Party Participants

14 Jan 2020

Pedofaggot lawyer Mark Ellis of BakerMcKenzie got a call that their Violent ????Prideophile Pedofaggot Pedovore Pope had Punched a Parishioner,.... and he had to drop the latest coverup of RAPE by Catholic Children's Aid Supervisor Riaan Ryke, to go after the victim..... which is what these Vatican baby rapists and murderers do.

Violence in Catholic Clergy is rampant. The massive number of child rapist priests we have in Catholic Churches across Canada and around the world would stagger you. It’s almost as bad as judges.......

Child Rapist and murderer Thomas Collins covered up the rape of my 11 month old daughter by Stephanie Panzarella, Heather O'Keefe, Riaan Ryke and Orlando Gajardo to whom Joe and Monica Skulj surrendered my child.

Perhaps the POPE knows that the Italian Police have their files on all the priests and the entire clergy will be arrested,..... I hope to see each pedofaggot Priest dragged from their churches screaming and crying by Canadian parents and exterminated in church parking lots across Canada.

I am under Keep Peace and Be of Good Behaviour by the crown for exposing the pedophiia which runs the Metro Toronto Police, however I plan to one day walk into a church presided by Collins... to his alter,.. and deal with that faggot like a man should,.. with my own hands. Surely a Pedophile Bishop put in the hospital by an angry father for the rape of his child and the coverup by lawyers, judges and pedophiles like Detective Bishop of the Metro Toronto Police.... would make news.

A judge or two on that list, ought to face the same fate, if Canadian police to not solve the mess that made this year.

Collins is the one person who I would enjoy exterminating from this world...

Pedofaggot Prideophile Pope Francis is use to grabbing the raped nun babies they sacrifice with Stephen Harper at 9th Circle ceremonies in Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, or during the Saint Thomas Moore Satanic Sacrifice for the Canadian Bar Association, or any of the 10,000 infants which are murdered and eaten in Catholic Churches across Canada every year in ceremonies dedicated to the Vatican's worship of Satan.

This pedophile not only attacks this poor woman, but his Swiss Pedophile Protection assault her as well.

Watching Francis life end will be one of my joys over the coming few years as the crimes committed against my child by that family of criminals has doomed Francis as the target of all revenge from me.

One day.... poor Francis will turn right instead of left, and a baseball bat will crush Francis face.... fittingly.

Music: "Endless Volley" by the amazing Michael Sherwood.

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