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Predicted & Uploaded in August 2020 Universal Vote By Mail & Computer Fraud

Lisa Michaels
Published on 10 Dec 2020 / In News & Politics

Whether you are voting on paper in person or by mail your vote can be & often is changed or canceled out by dogs, cats, long dead relatives, cartoon characters, relocated residents, and illegal aliens. We must outlaw computer voting/counting in our elections. A bipartisan committee from each Party's elected Precinct Committee people should be responsible for hand counting each race in their precinct and securely delivering their counted ballosts to their County Election office. EAC Election Assistance Commission must be disbanded permanently so that they will not be able to implant viruses on our computer memory cards to swap out our votes. Please share comment subscribe & like I have been reporting on this issue since 2007 yet have less than 500 subscribers on all 5 of my U tube channels. My blog is www.ConservativeLisa.Blogspot.com

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Boooo 3 months ago

Great video.

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