PragerU Fireside Chat Ep. 105 - The Gender Identity Experiment

24 Oct 2019
During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis talks about Air Canada removing any mention of “Ladies and Gentlemen” from their flights. Many companies feel a societal pressure to follow new gender rules in order to “act moral." However, caving to the pressure of the LGBTQ lobby is damaging to society.

• Ladies And Gentlemen Is Offensive
• A Radical Gender Experiment
• Democrats Are Extreme In Everything | 5-Minute Video: Left Or Liberal?
• Watch Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla’s New Movie, "No Safe Spaces":

0:00 Welcome, Otto Is Out
0:41 Dennis Loves Learning About Others
3:19 “Ladies And Gentlemen” Is Offensive
4:32 Who Has No Gender Identity?
5:30 A Company’s Pressure To Act Moral
6:45 A Radical Gender Experiment
7:51 Camille Paglia On The Radio
9:06 Most Trans Make Peace With Their Sex
9:50 Hillary And Chelsea Clinton
10:50 People Need A Cause To Live For
13:15 Democrats Are Extreme In Everything
15:45 The Importance Of Knowing History
17:10 The Importance Of Friendships
20:54 Grandparents Can’t Talk About God
26:20 What Do Women Need To Feel Loved?
31:53 Check Out No Safe Spaces

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