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PragerU Fireside Chat Ep. 102 - Climate Change Is Not an Existential Threat

03 Oct 2019
During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis addresses the not-so-existential threat to our globe: climate change. Adults need to stop scaring children into thinking the world is going to end.

• Climate Change: Don’t Worry
• Proof Climate Change Isn’t Existential
• Stop Instilling Fear In Kids
• Bald Men: Fret Not!
• Does Dennis Like To Gamble?

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0:00 Aim To Be Happy Even If You’re Not
0:36 Otto Is Very Popular
1:14 Climate Change: Don’t Worry
2:47 1st Time Kids Are Worried About Dying
5:23 Proof Climate Change Isn’t Existential
8:00 More Proof: Past Climate Predictions
10:02 Stop Putting Fear In Kids
11:20 New Video Questions
11:59 Taking Education Solely Online
13:38 Bald Men: Fret Not!
17:12 Tips To Reduce Jet Lag
20:36 How To Fight Anti-Semitism
23:06 Does Dennis Like To Gamble?
24:50 Becoming An Addict Is The Problem
27:39 Shame On Schools For Alarmism
29:16 Video Games And Violence
31:54 Great To Be With You

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