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Platinum Takes Off While Gold Dips – Silver Rises Too

Uneek Beebe
Published on 22 Feb 2021 / In Other

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Platinum Takes Off While Gold Dips – Silver Rises Too

Today is Monday 15th February 2021 and we are looking at what has happened to precious metal prices today and the sudden and noticeable rise of Platinum. So let’s take a look.

Earlier today we produced a video entitled:

Episode 11 of our Bitcoin vs Gold Series

Where we looked at bitcoin nearly touching $50k per coin and ask whether it will rise or fall from its current position.

The star in the precious metal space though has been platinum today. Now we are beginning to appear like soothsayers at the moment. 12 weeks ago we started a series on Bitcoin and already its price more than doubled in that time. Then Just over a month ago we produced a series on platinum and its price has moved up at least $200 since then.

Now we enclose links of those 3 Platinum Videos below:

Meanwhile, a lot has gone on today even though a number of markets are closed. Let’s take a quick look at a Bloomberg report published a little over an hour ago.

OK this video is going out around 7pm GMT and the time of writing this is 17.35 and so prices may have changed.

Gold is down $17 at $1818, silver is up 22 cents at $27.61 a rise of 0.8%, Palladium is up $17 at $2,417 a rise of 0.7 % and platinum is up $49 at $1309 a rise of 4%.

Equity Markets in the UK are broadly up 2% and the rest of Europe around 1% higher and the dollar index is down 0.14 at 90.33

So where does this leave us for platinum and other industrial metals. Well, if one is of the opinion that lockdowns are going to be eased sooner than many anticipate because of the vaccine programme is unrolled as the UK is beginning to experience, then we should see a rise in output and traditional manufacturing. Add to this the potential for additional stimulus spending by various governments as well as Central banks easing Monetary policy or lending restrictions, we are setting up an environment which at least short term is positive for industry.

Add to that the fact that currency debasement is continuing at a faster rate than investment yields are rising, there is little doubt in the months ahead, that many of the Industrial metals, and especially silver, currently undergoing a retail squeeze should benefit from additional price rises.

Gold short term appears to be perhaps the least beneficiary, but we are monitoring prices there because should they fall back to $1750 or even $1700 gold will once again become an attractive proposition. However, we need to see that fall back in order to get gold investors excited again and to make it attractive to cover the wider premiums that we are experiencing on a number of gold retail products.

Now before we conclude this video we have been asked by some members our view on buying silver through exchanges such as Bullion vault or similar who hold stocks offshore, as they are concerned about premiums and also lack of availability.

There is no substitute for the physical, especially in a financial crisis. However, if you have the confidence, as we do, that we are not expecting the financial institutions to collapse but we could see a fall in the dollar and a rise in silver prices, our preferred method of buying for now to benefit from that gain will be through a company like Bullion Vault or even SLV but then acknowledging that we would only be doing this to benefit from any rise rather than actually taking possession.

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