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Peter Maxwell Slattery [Part 2]: Multi-Dimensional Beings, The Elohim & Archons | Edge of Wonder

03 Dec 2019
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Peter Maxwell Slattery from Australia is back, talking about multi-dimensional beings, the mysterious Elohim, Shi-Ji and... the Wise One Being! Also, we bring in pop culture like Lord of the Rings, Steven Spielberg and the power of our thoughts!

Part 3 will be on right here on .TV only this Thursday, talking more about the Orion/Lyran Wars!

Part 1: Tues Nov. 26 (Youtube)
Part 2: Tues Dec. 3 (Youtube)
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Rabbit_Hole_WG1 7 months ago

Booo....will post.... STARS SING.... truth..... will post asap if i can find it

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Rabbit_Hole_WG1 7 months ago

440 HZ is the music of life

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Rabbit_Hole_WG1 7 months ago

04:13 Elo..Him...Fractal...The Golden Ratio...Universe...GOD...Nature... YES..!!!! I didnt know you knew this Boooo

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