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Part 1 w/PG Intro School Godawful Prophet or Fortune Teller Quite Frankly, Juan O'Savin

Published on 04 Apr 2021 / In News & Politics

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On the Last Broadcast the American People had 2 Choices. A society Without one central "Believe System" which means religion. The laws are constantly changing with who is in power. unstable like shifting sand. Washes away with every wave and wind of doctrine. Can not Stand.
You can not plan a future. The same with Currencies Values constantly changing. The 2nd choice that is fair and just for everyone. Using the Constitution has Supreme Authority Whose maker i Almighty God. Everyone having one beliefs system. One money that is constant never changing. A system in which people are ruled not by thousands of changing laws adding more and more laws. But the Laws of God written in the hearts and minds of each person. Supported daily by Ten Commandments, The Bible, home education. Everyone can plan a future based on a Great and powerful constant, unchanging systems.
This video deals with The war against the "Perfect System" via: Globalist, Occultist wanting to put laws in hearts and minds of the population on the planet using technology; with Demons, psychic abilities, joining humans with Supercomputers, micro chips. The 2 choices are: 1. Being one with God via his Holy Spirit or one with Satan using AI's. 2. Being Demon possessed. "You'll be poor and love it." You will no longer exist. Your sovereignty as a Human dissolved, Caged within your own Body by something stronger than you. Exactly like a quad·ri·ple·gic 4 limbs paralyzed. You can walk, talk, move but the "Stronger computer" AI with demons will decide what you say, think and do. With no escape. God is the only one stronger. So The Evil lobotomist your mind so you can not remember God to call upon him to save you.
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