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Why? From EL

Dee Stevens
Published on 20 May 2020 / In Film & Animation

All Credit goes to EL on this video - its being shared here just in case YouTube decideds to delete it from his page:⁣

This video could have been an hour long & I would have barely scratched the surface with these simple questions that cannot be answered unless you're willing to acknowledge pure evil & look it straight in the eyes.

And that's the EXACT same scenario for the inside job of 9/11. None of this makes any sense until you come to the conclusion that this was never about our safety.... This was about power, control, & the 2020 election. The Deep State has never been this desperate. They are on their death bed & it's time for We the People to pull the damn plug. Us awake = their GREATEST fear.

So cast aside your fears, find your faith in God, & lets fight TOGETHER for this opportunity to serve Divine Justice. Thank you so incredibly much to all of my Patrons who have helped me turn my passion for telling the truth into a full-time job. It literally feels like a dream come true!

And if anyone else would like to support my efforts, you can do so at Patreon.com/E4L - God bless you all.

WE are the news now!

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