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Obese Nation: Why Are Americans So Fat?

02 Dec 2019

A shocking close-up look at the growing obesity epidemic in the United States. It takes courage to watch this video. Please link to for more weight loss information.

The title "Obese Nation: Why are Americans So Fat" was modified from a news story clipping. It is not meant to offend anyone. We have to use a title that will entice people to click. If we said, "The Real Way to Lose Weight," nobody would watch. So no offense intended. We also want to point out that Teri lost 50 pounds using the techniques in this video, and she has kept it off. I myself lost 40 and never regained it. We did this on our own using the information that we compiled over many years of research.

This video was designed to teach American consumers that there's a way out. You do not have to be subjected to the tricks of the media, and the massive amounts of misinformation running rampant. Not everybody is supportive of this effort, however.

We welcome all comments and opposing opinions. Most of the comments we've received have been overwhelmingly positive or add tremendous value. But unfortunately, there have also been threats made, hate speech, racist rhetoric, and very severe abusive language. After three years of constant trolling and abuse, we decided enough was enough, so we decided to disable the comments section.

If you want to get ahold of us, please go through the links below, click into the website and go the to contact page. Thanks for understanding.

To learn more about the dangers of fructose and high fructose corn syrup, please log onto:

To Learn About The Glycemic Index, Click the Link Below

To learn how to eat healthy, click the link below

To learn about a no sugar diet, click the link below

For healthy diet recipes, click the link below

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