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Enjoy Patriots.



05 Apr 2019

NZ Hoax, Christchurch shooting setup.

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Truth Revealer777
Truth Revealer777 14 days ago

Bullshit idiot get your fake shit off here pimp

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ThePatriotPin 2 months ago

Where's the beef?
Where's the beef?
Where's the beef?
I mean where's the blood? lol

That old commercial came to mind!
I thought it was funny in the original that the recoil of the weapon didn't match the added muzzle flashes and that everyone was in a pile when he entered the room! Who directed this crap? hahahaha

Like the London Bridge guy jumping up after he was shot! See my video on it! Too funny! Also the London Bridge attacker's name is USMAN KHAN - US CON MAN isn't that a HOMONYM?

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Nic 6 months ago

LMAO!!! Your commentary too!! Freaking killing me!!

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OneThirtyEight 7 months ago

Hi! Thanks for spreading my video! The hero at 2:31 is Abdul Aziz.

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Texas4ever 7 months ago

What was that not even good enough for a B movie

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