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NXIVM Hacked World Leaders!

Christy Curran
Christy Curran
06 Apr 2019

Clare Bronfman secretly (and illegally) had access to Edgar Bronfman Sr's computer for years. This may have exposed the very dirty dealings he had when working to secure Holocaust Reparations from the Swiss Banks. This story is more interesting & revealing than you might know! Join me as I share some of my research.

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Hacking NXIVM Hollywood / Monastery:

Times Union Hack article:

D'Amato's connections to banking:

1997 Bronfman talking to LA Times about Holocaust restitution:

NXIVM Bronfman accused hacking Edgar's email:

D'Amato the phony opportunist, early article:

Swiss Banks call it extortion:

Institute for Historical Review, Hillberg:

Paul Volker:

New York Sun, Investigations into WJC:

Greta Beer:

Research, Restitution and Remembrance:

National ARchives by Greg Bradsher:

New York, Meltdown at WJC:


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