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Nothing Can Stop What's Coming

Published on 14 Mar 2020 / In News & Politics

I felt the need to put out a calming video within the midst of chaos. This wonderful music fits my exact mood at this moment. There's so much 'look over here not there' by msm that trying to sift through the C-virus fear porn is exhausting. I don't fret over ANY of it. I feel like Q team is taking advantage of the outbreak event by quarantining (running white hat ops) possibly even arresting deep state players within these quarantines. Just follow the areas being effected to know where Q team is operating. The plunging of the stock market as well, part of the plan. It's glorious watching the corrupt debt-based banking system imploding. And finally, what is msm trying to distract from? The Biden corruption in Ukraine. Here I believe we will begin to see the corrupt global networks, supported by George Soros which have enabled the human trafficking in the first place exposed to the light.

This is my take from beginning to now, the timeline of how Trump connected with World leaders forming a coalition to fight the Deep State. Met with attorneys general to coordinate the massive arrests we're about to witness, how Q team has control even over each Democrat Presidential candidate who've dropped out of the race, coupled with Q drops showing that the Senate is back to work investigating the entire Biden scheme. It's all about following the money...;)

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