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North Pole SECRETS and MYSTERIES Revealed; The Whirlpool Entrance To The Inner World

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
01 Jul 2019

North Pole Secrets and Mysteries Revealed; The Whirlpool Entrance to the Inner World; Science pitched against itself

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North Pole Secrets and Mysteries Revealed; The Whirlpool Entrance to the Inner World; Science pitched against itself

In this week's video, while many eyes are looking to the South, I take a look at the north pole. It seemed to me the art of misdirection was and still is in full swing when it comes to the poles.

I will be looking into the real source of the northern lights and strange facts which seem to contradict other examples within our solar system.

The reports of anomalous heat discharges, static ice-flows, and no-fly zones, combined with NASA hiding the area from view in concert with Google earth, we take a closer look at the expedition reports from those who claim they have seen things beyond imagination and even track U-Boat 209 on its voyage into the inner realms during the second world war...

And if that wasn't enough we look at the 33-mile wide whirlpool and the magnetic mountains discovered as far back as the 14th century, all this and more in this week's episode of the Observation Deck...

I have pitched science against itself by using their own discoveries to show without logical doubt we are being duped into believing there is nothing at either end of this spinning world when all other spinning bodies thought-out the galaxy clearly shows otherwise.

Watch the full video to see just how foolish these organizations think we are...

Thanks for watching and remember...

Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious...

See you on the other side.

The first man to reach the North Pole:
Mercator's map and details on the Inventio Fortnata:
Olaf Jensen's account of the Inner realms as told in the book "The smoking God"

If you want to listen to the whole story in the audio of Olaf Jasen's journey to the inner earth you can hear it here free of charge:

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