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No One Helped This Poor Eagle Dangling from a Tree But What an Army Vet Did Next Astonishing

09 May 2019

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No One Helped This Poor Eagle Dangling from a Tree But What an Army Vet Did Next Astonishing
It was something the residents of one Minnesotan city didn’t see every day – a bald eagle, a patriotic symbol for the country, in the trees above their heads. But it wasn’t the presence of the bird that made the sight unusual, but that the eagle was upside down in the boughs, distressed and struggling. Something had to be done.

Found across North America, the bald eagle has strong symbolism in Native American culture and has become the official national bird of the United States. It was classified as a protected species in 1940, but is now rated “Least Concern” on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list. Fortunately, for the last 40 years the number of bald eagles living throughout the continent has been growing.
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And outside of Alaska, Minnesota and Wisconsin are the states with the largest number of eagles living there – so it wasn’t just seeing the bird that surprised residents near Rush City that day. Instead, it was the fact that the bird was hanging upside down from a tree branch and clearly in distress that shocked everyone.

Jason Galvin was on his way to Rush City on June 30, 2016 when he noticed the eagle; a closer inspection with his binoculars showed that its leg had somehow got caught up in a rope wrapped around a branch. Jason initially thought, in fact, that the bird must be dead – but then he saw it move.


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