Nanny Sweets - Count With Me

Teriann Shrum
Published on 22 Apr 2019 / In How-to & Style

I once had a sweet, elderly friend who was our local coffee shop waitress. She was elderly and way past 70 and a very tiny thing. She was just simply 4'-8" tall. She had curly silver hair and wire frame glasses and she reminded me of a "Fairy Godmother". Her name was Dorothy and should would become my muse for "Nanny Sweets". I created "Nanny Sweets" from a secret phone shot I took of Dorothy when she wasn't looking and she is my corporate logo. I showed Dorothy a few years later. She had taken some time off for medical reasons and I caught her one day back at work and she dropped her pad and put her hand over her mouth to stifle her giggle and said, "THAT is me!"

"Nanny Sweets" is very special to me. Connecting with the community surrounding my studio gives me a wealth of subjects to create art with. "Nanny Sweets" teaches children to count and learn the alphabet and manners too! I created her for publishing soft fabric activity books and although Ms. Dorothy has since passed away, I will always cherish "Nanny Sweets" as my special "Fairy Godmother" who smelled like fresh apple pie and sugar cookies.

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