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My Spider Web Research is Complete "TRUST" me :) 8/22/19

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
22 Aug 2019

My Bitchute account: @TJF
My Gab account: @17ZeroDelta
My Twitter: @157AmazingGrace (17[ZERQ] DELTA)
To help support my investigative work and research I do to bring you TRUTH about our world, I hope you would consider a monthly donation or you can choose a one time payment and we can grow together on this journey together for a better and brighter future. As always my content is FREE but your contribution will be GREATLY appreciated. or

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Great Awakening
[Q drops]
[Q map]

Battles are won before they are fought. How? By the Laws of [God], Law of the Land[Constitution] and Law and Order. If they were already in place by the Almighty then those battles created by the corrupt know by that very law that THEY have ALREADY LOST!

WE WILL WIN against the EVIL ONES. It is written. GOD WINS. Amen!
Love and Peace to ALL of you
God is NOT a RELIGION...The EVIL ones put Gods Holy spirit and His Word in the perverbial box to control the masses...THAT is RELIGION!?
Our Holy Father has ALWAYS been here so GOD predates HISTORY, SCIENCE, AND Pageanistic Evil RELIGION!? (IOWs)New Age Spirituality

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**Under the FAIR USE Act, I, as an american, have the right to use public news stories, videos, for the purpose of educating my viewers/public on topics and material in my videos on this platform

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