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09 Aug 2019
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A complete tour of Dick Proenneke's log cabin on upper Twin Lakes in Alaska, including his elevated log cache, his woodshed and the neighboring cabins owned by Spike and Hope Carrithers and Weiser.
See the inside of the cabin, the woodworking details up close, the tools and other gear he used to live off grid at Twin Lakes for 30 years. Throughout the video, I pause during my hikes in the surrounding mountains and while inspecting the log buildings to reflect on Proenneke's life, his undertakings, what I like about his homestead, what I don't like and would do differently and his influence on me.
Richard L. Proenneke was an inspiration not only because of the basic home that he built and that he stayed in it for almost thirty years, but also for his thrift, resourcefulness, self reliance, perseverance and connection with nature. What I was pleasantly surprised about after reading more of his story and talking to the people in town who knew him well, was that he was not a hermit and actually liked people, socializing often. He hosted many guests, some just for the day and some overnighters, including family, friends, hikers, park staff and others. He visited family and friends in Port Alsworth, Primrose Iowa and California, where his brother Raymond lived. He spent the last five years of his life in California with his brother before passing away in 2003. His ashes were scattered on what is now known as Proenneke Peak, a mountain behind his log cabin.
Awkwardly, I spend an hour at the end explaining how Dick Proenneke inspired me to build my off grid homestead, including my log cabin, forest kitchen, log cabin sauna, wood shed and upcoming buildings including a timber frame workshop and root cellar.

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