More 2018 Mandela Effects

Beyond THEIR Truth
Beyond THEIR Truth
08 May 2019

More 2018 Mandela Effects // I'm excited to share some more Mandela Effects that are affecting people everywhere. Please comment and let me know which ones you remember and which ones you don't!


Mandela Effect: Where's Waldo?
Current: Where's Wally?

Mandela Effect: Shaggy in "Scooby Doo" had an Adam's Apple.
Current: Shaggy in "Scooby Doo" never had an Adam's Apple.

Mandela Effect: In "The Matrix" the agent says "Mr. Anderson we've been expecting you."
Current: In "The Matrix" the agent never says that line.

Mandela Effect: Elvis never did karate.
Current: Elvis was a 7th degree black belt in karate and trained with Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali.

Mandela Effect: Statues of the President's Heads do not exist.
Current: There have always been giant statues of all the President's Heads in a field in Virginia.

Mandela Effect: Pink lakes do not exist.
Current: There are pink lakes all over the world.

Mandela Effect: $100 bill never had slits in the stripe across the middle
Current: $100 bill always had slits in the stripe across the middle.

Mandela Effect: Capitol Building has a flag on top.
Current: Capitol Building always had a statue on top.

Mandela Effect: Tom from "Tom And Jerry" has white eyes.
Current: Tom from "Tom And Jerry" always had yellow eyes.

Mandela Effect: Donald Duck has white eyes.
Current: Donald duck always had blue eyes.


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