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[MIRRORED] Bill Cooper On Disinformation & Agents

Demonlord Abarax
Demonlord Abarax
03 Jun 2020

Some people claim that Cooper was "a C.I.A disinfo agent" himself, these people are ignorant idiots repeating what they heard from other idiots who are just like them. And if you notice, people want to be misinformed these days and the proof is this. look at the number of subs I have right before I post a video exposing the real disinfo agents. Wait about 30 minutes and you'll see that I lose subs everytime I post something that tells these people the truth about their little boyfriends. These people love living in fantasy land. And they will be happily stuck there right up until the point the New World Order comes knocking at their doors. They hate the truth so why the hell did they sub to a Cooper channel in the first place?


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