Mike Drop Podcast Episode 51: Mike Glover - The Fieldcraft Survival Expert

16 Jan 2020

Mike Drop Podcast Episode 51: Mike Glover - The Fieldcraft Survival Expert - Former Green Beret, CIA Contractor, Owner of Fieldcraft Survival

The inspiration that comes from speaking with real life heroes is impossible to quantify. I continue to be humbled by the caliber of individuals that are willing to share their story with me. In sitting down with former green beret/unit member and owner of Fieldcraft Survival, Mike Glover, I continue to be amazed. After 20 years of service to this country in the highest of capacities, we talk about his experience as tomb guard, green beret, and Tier 1 operator. More importantly, we talk about how those experiences shaped who he is and how he brings that knowledge to your everyday citizen through his company, Fieldcraft survival.

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18:36 - Childhood/growing up

23:15 - Joining the military

31:49 - Tomb of the unknown soldier duty

40:50 - Special Forces training

49:10 - Special ops deployments/operation redwings

1:24:00 - "The Unit"

2:03:40 - Benghazi

2:15:06 - Friends lost in combat and how to deal with it

2:18:56 - Getting out of the military

2:46:20 - Active shooter/ 2nd Amendment

3:04:55 - How to fix politics and D.C.

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