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Published on 18 Feb 2021 / In Music

Two Verses

Lyrics Below:

Verse #1

We so hot like magma
Attractive like magnets
So put a Ring on it like we Bilbo Baggins
Red hats be on fleek
Backin up Trump like trucks when they beep
Laughin knee-slapping along with the beat
It's funny how Moses don't part this Red Sea

45 got the ball
Trump make an Oasis and build Wonderall
We flippin em all
They 'Walk Away' slowly but first the gon crawl - that's how MAGA evolve

ON A ROLL like a Rolling Stone
No Joke
Knock! Knock!
Kevin Home Alone
Don't scream MAGA team on the scene like a doG and bone
We in the HOUSE now you gotta go

Verse #2

Power in our hands
Right we stand - Trump Tower with the plans
Blueprint GOLD when the power in our hands
Knew I would take a chance every minute - second hand
Power in your hands
Put the power in your hands
Dems tell lies like a fire in their pants
MAGA on the rise - breaking bricks like Mario
Fireball scary
Get the flower in your hands.

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