Lost History Found

22 Jan 2020

In this super short video, Lost History Found, we will explore ruins in the Southern United States. We will examine the Windsor Ruins in Mississippi and a Greek Romanesque Pantheon in Tennessee.

The video is a little short because I also made a course on how to make videos along side this original video.
The course turned out to be 7 short videos, about an hour and a half, sharing exactly how I make videos and bringing you behind the scenes. The course is available here. http://jonlevi.teachable.com

At the end of this marathon my computer crashed and I have lost much of my work. I am back in the saddle now with a smooth running “reset computer”. It turned into a simple choice of hanging on to the past or moving forward.

Thank you for all the beautiful and informative comments. I look forward to reading them all!
God bless you all and have a blessed day!!!


My first course on How to Make YouTube Videos.
In this behind the scenes course I will show you all my secret video making techniques.




Chief’s food (my dog) ;)

The computer I used to make all my videos
(Includes video making program- iMovie)

My Book About My Life and Philosophy (Read first chapter free on Amazon)

My Art on Imagekind
http://offgrid.imagekind.com/ Most affordable water distiller ever!

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