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Living Water (Lyrics) ~ GATEWAY

15 Feb 2020

Living Water (Lyrics) ~ GATEWAY

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???? "...apart from You I have no good thing"

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[Verse 1]
Water of life
What if I said I was thirsty
Bread of life
What if I said I was hungry

Would You pour Your Spirit on me Lord
Would Your glory fall like the water fills the sea

[Chorus 1]
Living water cover me
Flood my heart with ev'ry single beat
All You are is all I'll ever need
I love You I love You

[Verse 2]
Author of life
Speak Your word so I can hear You
Father of life
All I want is to be near You

[Chorus 2]
Oh Jesus fill this room
Ev'ry heart is crying out to You
Desperately we need to see You move
We love You we love You (yeah)

Pour Your glory down
Pour Your glory down
Pour Your glory down
Let the thirsty drink and live


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