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LIVE: We The People Stand For Border Security' Rally in Texas | The Epoch Times

Published on 26 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics

The “We The People Stand For Border Security” event is held in Laredo, Texas, on March 26. Organizers say the event will expose the truth of the immigration crisis: coyotes, child sex trafficking, drug smuggling, and the effects on all involved.

Guests will include:
Ken Paxton—Texas A.G.
Trevor Louden—Author
Keenan Williams—Speaker
Evan Sayet—Comedian
Sandra Whitten—District 28 Candidate
Carmen Montiel—District 29 Candidate
Sabine Coulter-Durden—Angel Mom of Dom
Chris Odette—Angel Dad of Chrishia
George Rodriguez—Radio Host
Pastor Jorge Tovar—Laredo Prayer Task
Daniel Miller—President TNM, Texit
Kimberly Fletcher—Moms for America
Dan Rodimer—CD6 Candidate, Wrestler
Ben Benquam—Journalist
Jennifer Fleck—Attorney
Nammrata Singh Gujral—Filmmaker

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