Lisa Loeb and the Beatles - (Stay and I Should Have Known Better) - Bubblerock Video - HD

Dan Ban
Dan Ban
09 Oct 2019

Hello all you Lisa Loeb and Beatles fans out there ,
your really going to enjoy this Bubblerock gem of a video I produced.
Lisa Loeb sings the 1994 smash hit - "Stay"
with animated lyrics.
After she finishes singing we are wisked off
to The Lovely Beatles singing the smash 1964 hit -
"I Should Have Known Better" from the film performance
of "A Hard Days Night" as enchanted Lisa watches The Fab Four gazingly.

I used a software program called - Crazy Talk 7
which is a 3-D avatar program to make Lisa come to life.
You will really enjoy this fantastic video
so Stay if you please , Ha Ha !!!

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Peace ,
Dan Ban

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