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Lea, Don't Stop Me Now, I'm Kicking Jodi & Maria with USMCA and #PMP

03 Jun 2020


... however it is probably the best music channel on YouTube, as Jodi Whyte is schooled in Myles, of which she knows less than she knows about being a lawyer, as she had to cheat with her partner Pedo Barnes, before the pedophile protecting Judge Power to defeat me in the crooked casino that is The Superior Court of JustPedophiles in Canada.

As you see, dates of digital files located on 2006 discs (DVD's) from my 2008 trial show, locked in the Picton Superior Court vault, showed that SOMEONE (#VernCottonBallsCrowley perhaps) edited them in 2011, to remove evidence of Colonel Williams from the 2006 investigation.

Pedofaggot Brian Abrams assisted Jodi in covering this up,.... from Powers court.

It's ok that you are a power in your music knowledge this video shows you were a poser as a lawyer and we both know you are a poser as a parent.

NOTE: Pedophile judge Power was tasked to suppress the truth about the Crown Pedophile hive in Cornwall Ontario two decades ago.

This video gives also a lesson to YRP Superintendant "Maria Ahrens" who it appears has TANKED any promised and identified investigation into the former YRP chief, Deputy Chief or the Police Services Board Chairman.

This adds her name to #PaulCottonBallWard's as parties who's data will be mined by the NSA on behalf of the U.S. Marines, to see what, if anything they have done with their knowledge of the failures of their police agencies in responding to our education on the F.B.I.'s basic field guide, and its mention of primary policing knowledge of symbology in the battle of child trafficking and pedophilia and the suppression of investigations into child trafficking and pedophilia, which were their duty to commence.

Turning their backs is more than nonfeasance, it is malfeasance and will probably end up in charges and drone footage of them, finding its way to this channel.

Music: "Lea, Don't Stop Me Now" by Michael Sherwood, Myles Davis, David Paich, Stevie P. and Steve Lukather.

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