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Kid licks toilet & gets coronavirus, Pelosi tries to trick America, Biden Brain Freeze, Tulsi fl

25 Mar 2020

The swamp is out in full force during the pandemic, learn how to spot and avoid these scam artists in today's episode! #Pelosi #Coronavirus #BidenMEMES and ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS/REDDIT SECOND CHANNEL: The Flag behind me is made by OLD GLORY RUSTIC SIGN - Code “ZED” for 10% off + Free Shipping (all signs are hand made and take 1 month to make) Thank you to these Patrons!Cathy GodfreyCharles HessDarrell WeathersJames SteiertKarl KalaharKellyLydia AtsmaJulia ReserKimberley DonaldRoger BoucherT SmithKnight FhawkerLinda HarerJames EmeryAlbert YGertys DinkledRick BossenRyan CunardPaul WattersEbel RayMichaela BismanMiranda LancasterLC DE-LORMEMark AndersonBob HillisJulie ScottTedDennis BurdickHeidi HarrisBlake ThompsonSHadow BannedCorey DeatonErnie MarracciniLonny BushDaniel SelvigTeri LascellesAteos EdmTracie RuschCody PSaundra Kay HarbisonBeth HandToni GrovesKiichidySaundra Kay HarbisonWilliam BoyattEric AddyKat GoldmanGuillermo FabelaGrant KeenanFutt BuckerMelinda EldredgeTodd FeltmanSean DobbinsDalongshot 99Rich AllenAlison R. MarvinRon PerkinsKathy DicksonChris Right-Winger EstepMindy BrownfieldSteven CullerCathy RomanczukKirk FinneganIf I forgot your name or you would like me to leave it off the list next time, please message me! Thank you again everyone!Check out the new incentives for becoming a supporter of the channel! Hope by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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