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julzee2 Th NSA Created Bitcoin + Ghislaine update

13 Aug 2019

An update on the coming death of Ghislaine Maxwell. Looks like wikipedia not only posted her death os 8-18-19 but also had her shown as deceased on 8-30-19. Yet, she is not dead...yet.
So, is Bitcoin black hat or white hat money? Looks like it may have begun as a black hat escape hatch..? but is now our white hat solution and future to our imploding economy. Bitcoin Ben explains.

Why was Comey "really" fired?:
Britain's DS worked with America's DS to take Trump down:

U2b s-cks channel:

Voat, this is a place to congregate in case we get split up.

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Interactive Q map EXCELLENT!
Interactive.Congressional District census data:

Bitcoin Ben: and his take on FedNow global network:
Malia Obama attends Antifa meetings:
Trump admin rules give preference to immigrants who speak English and have sponsors:
Dmitry Buterin and ethereum co-founder son Vitalik Buterin:


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