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John Kennedy Jr - Alive

Sandy Brown
Published on 08 Jun 2019 / In Film & Animation

To see more JFK JR on his play list go here

Made this video for all my 'Jfk Jr is alive' friends.

Yes, Jfk Jr is alive, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette are all still alive. Basically, I got a vision of it when Q dropped 1082 and then on my own journey in researching this, found that there is a ton of information pointing to-still alive. Please don't lecture me on it. If you do not believe it, that's cool with me. Not gonna change my mind.

Hi everyone, youtube will not let me see any comments anymore so if I don't answer share comments on:
My instagram - @kami.kay_photography - or
@Kam222Kay Twitter

For more on Qanon-
Joe M- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe...

Thanks to https://www.bensound.com/ for great music tracks- Adventure and This Is Your Time.

Audio clips- 35th President JFK preparing speech for the Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation, Oct. 21, 1963.

Audio clip- Larry King/Donald Trump interview Fall 1999

Check out- Liz Crokin- Award winning author of Malice- Journalist- kicked off twitter for covering child trafficking.

Isaac Kappy
Audio clip from-

John Q Simeon
Audio clip from-

Audio clip from-

Jennifer Mac
Audio clip from-

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Patrick Chesbro
Patrick Chesbro 2 months ago

Q says he's not alive... and I don't believe he is either, I think it's wishful thinking IMO

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Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown 2 months ago

I know, it would be wonderful.... But it does not seem so. However that does not take away from the fact POTUS uses JKF JR's favorite song, or that they maybe made a plan long ago, or that Trump is not keeping his memory alive in tribute. It just means he probably is not alive :(

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Meri Patriot
Meri Patriot 3 months ago

Great video.

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3 months ago

What a great video! Wonderful! Trump, JFK jr....2020! Could you imagine

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Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown 3 months ago

It would be great!! But even if he never shows, remember that a lot of the plan a lot of Trump's ideas were brainstormed with JFK JR long ago. I mean Trump's song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" was JFK JR's favorite song, that is a fact. So he is here, even if in just spirit, Trump has made sure of that :)

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CalamityJane2 3 months ago

I never liked the guy back then. Too much of a slut for my taste. Always on the cover of this and that with her and she and her and another she. I didn't think he could love any woman

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Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown 3 months ago

a lot of people are like that, everyone thinks they will never fall in love, until they do.

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