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Joe Biden Says You Need More Than The 2nd Amendment To Fight A Tyrannical Government

20 Feb 2020

Joe Biden F-14

The whole point of the second amendment was to give the people the power to fight back against a tyrannical government. Joe Biden just told everyone in that room that there is nothing they can do to stop the government from oppressing them so just fall in line.

This is someone running to be the president of our country. We went to war with a superpower because they said the same things Joe Biden is saying now and we are considering him to be the president.

Can we be so far removed from history that we honestly would consider voting for a man who thinks it's futile for a free people to rise up against a tyrannical government?

Hell, if Joe Biden were alive during the revolutionary war, he’d be the person telling everyone to just comply with the British because they’re so powerful.

As far as I am concerned anyone making a statement like this is a traitor to this country, yet he is running to be the president and people are just ok with that.

You people need to wake up, You don’t get rights back once they’re gone. That’s like asking a thief to return your stuff once he’s taken them.

Stop letting people who have armed security tell you what you can or can’t use to defend your life, because I promise you if that time comes, they won’t be there to protect you.

Up until the late 1980s, we could own machine guns. That wasn’t prohibited by the 2nd amendment, that was prohibited by anti-gun politicians like yourself manipulating people to give up their rights.

Just because it’s a law doesn’t mean it’s constitutional.

Chicago once had a law prohibiting the ownership of handguns and that law was found to be unconstitutional and an infringement on our second amendment rights. And yes, you can own a tank.

Goodness, listening to Joe Biden talk about guns is like listening to a 6-year-old talk about quantum physics.

If 58% of NRA members agreed with an “assault weapon” ban, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because we’d already had one. Joe Is a bold face liar.

I searched and searched and searched and found no stat that said 58% of NRA members support an “Assault Weapon” ban. However, I did find a study where they said 80% of NRA members support criminal background checks.

Keep in mind, there are over 5 million members in the NRA and there are millions of people who think they’re NRA members but aren’t.

This survey asked 196 self-identified NRA Members if they supported criminal background checks, they didn’t say universal background checks, just Criminal background checks.

Of the 196, 141 said they supported criminal background checks. This is how they concluded that 80% of the 5 million-plus members of the NRA supported criminal background checks.

They asked 196 people out of 5 million and you really expect me to believe that 58% of NRA members agree with banning the most popular rifle in the country?

A high capacity magazine ban will do literally nothing to stop school shootings. Columbine happened when high capacity magazines were banned, they just carried multiple 10 round magazines.

The V-Tech shooter used two handguns none of which carried more than 15 rounds, to kill 33 people. He simply carried multiple magazines.

So, what are you going to do next, ban the use of magazines altogether? This is idiotic.
When I was a kid I used to be scared of monsters under my bed, that didn’t change the fact that monsters didn’t exist. School shootings are insanely rare, but what do you expect when you play every school shooting on TV for 5 weeks straight and then memorialize the shooter by doing a deep-sea dive into everything we can possibly know about them.

You’re going to get kids that fear school shootings. After Columbine, I was scared of being shot in school and that was the first major school shooting I learned about it.

You’re the adults, you should be the ones using logic and reason to solve problems not blindly indulging your kid’s irrational fears to push gun control that won’t make your kids any safer.

And let me guess Joe, you’re going to prevent inner-city violence with more gun control. Even though the cities with the highest levels of gun violence have the strictest forms of gun control. Joe go away, you care about inner-city violence about as much as you cared about ending the segregated busing system. Oh, wait…

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Flashbulletin 4 months ago

This is a great report man. Thanks. exposing that fuktard joe blow is important.

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Matt 5 months ago

Show were its saids a crimal can defend himself,what just because your a con you supposed to lay down let people kill you,fucking nonsense,we need to end the popes ,Queens rule over are country,all USA is a fraud,just like dual citizenship congress man

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Matt 5 months ago

Congress,gives Mexican drug cartels guns,gives isis weapons,Mueller sold uranium to russainhead of fbi,brought it himself,we need to ban congress from selling arms,they have loss all mental health,their nuts

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