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Jason Gray - "Remind Me You're Here" (Official Audio)

15 Dec 2019

“Remind Me You’re Here”—the first song from “Order Disorder Reorder Part 2: Disorder” is out now.
Listen here:
When catastrophe strikes, we can’t help asking, “why did this happen?” The question keeps us awake at night and relentlessly follows us through our day.
Maybe we hope that if we could only find the answer to “why” something happened we could restore order again by making sense out of the senseless disorder of our pain. The instinct to ask “why” runs deep and seems to have an energy all its own.
But tidy answers to life’s painful questions are few and far between, and even when we do get them they rarely bring the relief or healing we hoped they would.
I think of Job sitting in the wreckage of his life wrestling with his friends over the question of why it all happened, trying to make sense of it. When God shows up, he says plenty but never offers answers to their questions. Instead, He offers Himself.
At the end of the story, Job says, “my ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you…” And that seems to have been enough.
God’s presence so often quiets our questions, which must mean that this is what we desire most—more than an answer, more than reasons, we want to know and feel that God is present with us.
I am tempted to put my hope in answers, but in and of themselves they don’t satisfy my deepest need the way the sense of God being intimately here with me does. The place where God meets with me is where healing happens.
“Remind Me You’re Here” explores the wrestling, the questions, and the abandoning of my need for answers in favor of the assurance that, whether an answer comes or not, God is with me.

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