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Published on 18 Feb 2021 / In Music

⁣- WWG1WGA -
Lyrics Below:

There's no accident
No coincidence
Everything happens in an instant
Or combination of instances
Same difference.
For this moment, your soul chose it
And right up above the dome
He knows it

I think we got more than we know
But I don't mean in posts
QUR spirit gets lifted every time we spread the light
For the holy ghost
Here on a mission - keep our vision in the night
And we keep Him close
Give it all in the fight
Make it right in this life
Until we goin home

We'll meet our father
Meet our maker
And feel that kinda love that do not waver
Until then
We in a battle for the truth
We spread His message every second
We the news

IT'S QUR TIME like we own this
Got Pocket Watches wrapped on both wrists (Ingersoll)
11th hour
So we don't miss
Over the target
Where the scope sits

Many hands make Light work
In Kekistan we make the lights work
So tell a Fren but invite first
Cuz we don't kick it with no vipers
The promise land is in the twitter-verse
But then expands to the universe (517)
So Be The Plan then we beat the curse
Blood of the lamb make the sheep disperse
[They] on the lam
But [they] need to fly
With double meanings - Roth and John know why
We get the message cause we Qualify
The letter home is a Q
That'll Quantify
For the better reading every line
Return to sender like we mail the sky
In our hearts we got God in mind
But in our soul we know IT'S QUR TIME.

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