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Instagram Deleted This Video For "Hate Speech" - Educating Liberals

26 Feb 2020

Just like the two-tiered justice department, there are two sets of rules when it comes to posting on social media for liberals & conservatives. ****Also, I wanted to take a quick moment to recap the goal I've created of 1000 patrons to make this a full-time job. You guys have already helped me accomplish over 20% of that goal already!!!!! And I can't thank you enough. Spreading the truth & the facts & covering the issues that the Fake News Media deliberately ignores is something I am extremely passionate about - & to make a career out of it would be nothing short of an incredible blessing. I'm also going to announce new benefits for those who offer support in the $5 & $20 dollar tiers at the end of the month - I'd like to stay engaged with those who support the mission & want to keep things fun & interactive. Once again, I sincerely appreciate it, guys! Take care & God bless!

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