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InspoNews Jim Jordan questions Michael Horowitz-cross examines IG & finds new allegation on Com

20 Sep 2019
BREAKING IRREGULARITIES : Jim Jordan questions Michael Horowitz after cross examining the IG finds new allegations against Jim Comey. SUPPORT InspoNews:
Rep. Jordan & & Rep.Mark Meadows request new criminal referral back to the slippery IG Michael Horowitz based on the fact that there were also 'irregularities" and major discrepancies (LIES) based on Comey's false testimony to the House Congress and his testimony to the IG & Senate etc. and Horowitz agreed.

Even still, the slippery, dispassionate "objective & independent" IG continues to try and hide the most hideous crimes ever committed against a duly elected President and against this Republic by mostly referring to such sedition as "protocol" or dangerous "procedure" violations" and of course the lying under oath & obstruction the IG calls "lacking CANDOR" etc. and ad nauseum.

The fact is, the Inspector General's Office (OIG) and Horowitz himself (an Obama appointee) are mostly Trump hating Democrat holdovers with a slick and "professional" agenda to mitigate and soften within the IG Reports rounded- soft legalize - & give all the horrendous, seditious and treasonous crimes perpetrated against the 45th President by their globalist friends in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, State Dept. etc, the appearance of procedural mistakes and misguidance worthy of demorion, firing (maybe disbarment)

Bottom line -it looks like Mike Horowitz is trying to play the role of some sort of democrat, umpire in the middle of a major coup d'etat against the duly elected President and the US Government.

Now comes the fake conservative Trey Gowdy (a new RINO contributor on FOXY News) claiming that our culture is sick because it wants criminals like Jim Comey and Andy Mccabe INDICTED. "We have become an indictment crazed culture" sayd Gowdy. Well I didn't hear weak and NWO compromised Trey say that when Manafort, Roger Stone, General Mike Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos etc, were all INDICATED by his good buddy Bob Mueller. Yes. Never Trumper Try (as with his close friends Tim Scott, Marco Rubio) shows his true colors by vindicating his Deep State buddies saying nothing about the unjust and unfair indictment and imprisonments of Trump supporters and innocent patriots. Betray me Gowdy is a Deep State phony. We call him out for his utter cowardice and anti-Trump mentality. No wonder why he retired - he belongs amongst the skirts of FOXY News the complete coward that he is.

Keep working and praying friends of liberty and patriots.
Federico Cardella
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