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Published on 11 Sep 2019 / In People & Blogs

BREAKING: National Security Adviser the the President, John Bolton Fired - Warmongering Neocon doesn't leave w/o a fight. Dan Bishop wins for GOP in NC
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Another globalist in the Trump Administration with an agenda all their own is vetted and asked to leave the White House. Another globalist warmonger bites the dust. Meanwhile the President picks up another ally in the US House of Representatives as conservative, nationalist Trump supporter Dan Bishop is elected to Congress via a special election in the 9th District of North Carolina. The President had just endorsed him 2 days ago at the Fayetteville NC rally. This bodes well for 2020 as the bellwether campaign victory for Trump nation adds another vote toward Congress securing our scared borders and the mighty wall being funded once and for all. Nancy Pelosi's days as Speaker are looking more likely to end in just over a year from now. Dan Bishop is a christian conservative and a family man who will defend our US Constitution and national sovereignty without hesitation.
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Federico Cardella
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redbudz 5 days ago

Thank you, Federico for this very detailed report on the firing of John Bolton. ..and don't forget what Bolton just did in SouthAmerica! Our beloved #POTUS began his administration liking to have 1 or more of each side of the equasion, so he would hear both sides. But take notice that when Trump has his mind made up, then he lets go of the 'opposition' side and plugs away at doing what he does best. POTUS has done this many times in the last 2.5 years in office. Love out #PO

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