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InspoNews BREAKING:John Bolton:Conniving Neocon Traitor-U.S. National "Security" Council a

Published on 15 Oct 2019 / In News & Politics

BREAKING: John Bolton & 11 other current & past members of President Trump's NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL(NSC) should be apprehended by US Marshalls & arrested for leaking classified information, lying under oath, sedition & treason against the office of the Presidency and the 60+ million citizens who voted for him and the America First Agenda. SUPPORT INSPONEWS: PayPal https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WSGDRN8NEU38J&source=url
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It seems these conniving & evil RINOs & globalist Democrats are satisfied with the Commander in Chief's Donald J. Trump.
John Bolton., crazy George Soros surrogate Fiona Hill, nutty slanderer & Hillary voter, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, double minded George Kent, slimy leftist Michael McKinley, Laura Cooper & other NSC globalist "Kissinger School" globalist jerks think that they as highly OPINIONATED, UNELECTED security policy makers have a right to SUBVERT a US President.
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The Democrats and primary GOP has no good candidates. So they are illegally trying to kick this hard working, good President out of office. Disgusting elitists all!

Never in American history have we as the American people witnessed such blatant attack on a US President. Didn't anyone tell these low lives - these duplicitous, arrogant, criminal liars & leakers- that President Trump won the election of 2016 and was given a mandate by the AMERICAN PEOPLE? Didn't they know that the US Constitution refers to such executive branch employees as "INFERIOR OFFICERS OF THE STATE - whereas the sitting duly elected President is called by our beloved founders a SUPERIOR OFFICER OF THE STATE elected by "we the people" Just because Pres. Trump differs from their warmongering, transnationalist "Balance of Powers" geo political mission or strategy - doesn't mean they have the right to try and other throw him by crockery and lies! It is SEDITION! They are trying the destroy the "people's President to get their way- they hate nationalism and embrace globalism. Because the President is a nationalist conservative they want to destroy him? Didn't they know that there is an election in 2020 and if they want to run the executive branch they themselves should run for office and inform the people of their platform and agenda. Instead they undermine and SUBVERT he and his policies. But who's trying to steal the American peoples votes and their vision for America.

These "fake" whistleblowers are really just plain ole partisan activists. They are truly attempting to destroy the separation of powers and the balance of power amongst the 3 branches of government. They are trying to destroy the will of the people and a US Constitution!at these SES elitist tyrants in Washington DC are really doing.

They put their own twisted opinions up as settled law and are only being giving the time of day by a deceptive and mentally unstable talebearer- Adam Schiff. The whole exercise by the non- transparent, Democrat controlled House intelligence is in itself setting a bad precedent for all future Presidents. It's an outright abuse of power.

The President's priorities are putting AMERICA FIRST. President Trump's agenda is visionary and with Solomonic wisdom - he will prosper & defend our country at all costs.
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