Information Warfare: Operation 2020 Election

02 Jan 2020

President Donald Trump just signed the National Defense Authortization Act. One of the countless provisions included, enables the US military and the US intelligence agencies to actively engage in open information warfare to 'protect the US presidential elections' of 2020.

Looking back on recent history, President Obama included the precursor to this provision in his NDAA authorization act before leaving office. As we look back on how Obama's provision titled "The Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act" we witnessed a massive purge of independent media and those who dared to question the state's authority, were accused of being a Russian agent!

Right now the US military and its intelligence agencies are preparing to wage a massive information war, will the American people be caught in the crossfire yet again? Let's not forget, Obama repealed the ban on domestic propaganda before leaving office.


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