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Independence Day Treason:DOJ's Jody Hunt & Judge George Hazel-try to stop Trump's migr

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
08 Jul 2019

BREAKING: Independence Day Treason:DOJ's Jody Hunt & Judge George Hazel-try to stop Trump's Census question. SUPPORT INSPONEWS:
At the very moment President Trump was giving the greatest speech ever on the Fourth of July, insidious Open Society forces on the left wing Federal Bench & insubordinate employees at the Department of Justice, were trying to undermine a properly conducted 2020 Census with vitally important questions the Executive branch had ordered to be put on the 2020 Census form.

Judge George Hazel, Joshua Gardner and Jody Hunt nearly agreed to have the President's ordered questions removed on Independence day 2019. Disgusting sedition never seems to to abate over at the "4th Branch of Gov, - the DOJ. But this time the President has valiantly decided to FIGHT BACK ...

Keep working and praying friends of liberty and patriots. This President has just entered a new dimension of leadership that will Keep America Great and make a united Korean people & nation GREAT AGAIN.
Blessings to all my subs & partners & have a great 4th of July!
Federico Cardella
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