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I am wanted for exposing Family Court Fraud and 200+ "Superior Court PedoJudges"

19 May 2020

This is NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNELIn this "remote" from Vic's place, which will be the new clubhouse of The Children's Army and future site of the "Pedofaggot Judges Must Be Exterminated" centre, after Victor Paisley and his brood are taken away for conspiracy to obstruct justice, by raising nuisance charges and chasing me around Canada with their SWATWATS and K9 units to suppress an investigation into authority re: conspiracy and pedophilia of over 200 Superior Court Judges, as GUARANTEED by USMCA Chapter 27.5Now the US Govt will have to investigate Vic and his 200+ "esteemed jurist pedophile associates."Apparently Victor doesn't want his "esteemed pedophile judge friends" to face any justice...... as he may not be invited to any more "masked balls" at Maple Leaf Gardens. Victor and Johnny Chan, the suspected Chinese spy, will be addressed as conspirators to obstruct justice under USMCA 27.5 as the promised investigation was turned into a MAN HUNT AND COVERUP.... but mostly Victor knows what he did, and tried to get away with.... and NOW I am going to expose that little suspected pedophile prick to the end of his days.Norm Traversy has begun setting up a "Legal Defence and Frozen Cocktail" fund for me .... however I am considering the option of "time well spent" educating the inmates about pedophile judges on the bench and trading home addresses of judges, cops and co's for chocolate bars or visits to 12 Vanguard Drive to deliver messages; while I design a new software system and buff up.Decisions..... Music: "Everything You Hear is FORSALE," "March of The Motormouths," "Minkys Afternoon Nap," "Sound Guard /L O Hell" & "She Blinded Me With Clients" by the amazing Michael Sherwood (1959 - 2019) and Andy R, who are career professionals and not sad and pathetic sellouts like this old man at 80..... "wherever" street in Gotham City.

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