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Humble elephant with a tumor in his leg gets treated by a Minister in charge of Wildlife

Uneek Beebe
Uneek Beebe
07 Jan 2020

Video- Humble elephant with a tumor in his leg gets treated by a Minister in charge of Wildlife

This footage is about an old and weak elephant with a tumor in his leg. It was seen having trouble walking around as well. Wildlife officers are always on time at such dire situations, and they wanted to treat this elephant after a checkup quickly. They were able to tag along with a minister in charge of the wildlife department. This minster is well known for being active across the fields of work given to him.

It is still a very difficult and a life-threatening thing to approach a giant this big. They are still capable of sending any human being flying even when they are sick and weak. Wildlife officers used the tranquillizer gun to shoot the elephant with medical shots as antidotes and proper medical attention.

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